UMBROHere at Umbro we were asked to provide a creative way to engage with the general public to send in their opinions about the premiership. Our solution was to have our freestyler perform inside of a billboard during London Traffic hours.MITREDelivering the perfect poses for Mitre's new season range. Our focus is to emphasise on the best skills that display the brand clearly and effectively.GAMELOFTChoreographing Spanish footballer Cesc Fabregas. Each individual move was carefully consulted to emotionally connect with Gameloft target audience for their product launch.KT TAPEPhotoshoot with KT Tape, Capturing attention using unique background shots while demonstraing one of many areas where KT Tape can be applied to improve athletic ability.BRITISH AIRWAYSWe've worked with British Airways to help raise money for Sport Relief. Overall British Airways successfully raised over £1 million towards charity. BA were so delighted we were given an award.<>

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Celebrating the collaboration of Nike and JD Sports. It's been a pleasure working with Manchester City Football Club promoting their new kit.

Honouring the remembrance of Duncan Edwards, former Manchester United & England player who lost his life in 1958 Munich plane crash. Picture taken with the mayor of Dudley.

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